Product Publicity To Build Brand Awareness AND Sales
Keene Communications is expert and planning and executing publicity programs to complement your overall MarCom program.  By integrating your publicity program, we can help you get the most out of your budget resources and put your name where your clients will see it.


Publicity That Gets You Headlines Where It Matters
In addition to corporate news releases and product releases, KeeneCom has a wealth of experience working with trade editors worldwide, developing feature articles and technical articles.  We work with your internal team to identify publicity opportunities.  We are experienced writers who can take a project from start to finish, or help your own experts get their materials published.  Below are just a few of the headlines to articles we have had published.  

"McIntosh Serves as Model for Compressed Air Energy Storage"

     -- Power Magazine

"Teaming With Vendors to Revitalize Production" 

     -- Industrial Launderer

"Protection Your Eyes in the Laser Operating Room"

     -- Today's OR Nurse

"Electricity Storage:  Has Its Time Really Come?"

     -- Energy Competition Strategy Report


"Saving Sight By Managing Light"

     -- Laser Focus World


"Compressors Power New Export Gas Line Through Poland"

     -- Pipeline & Gas Journal


"New Damper Seals Increase Stability For High-Pressure Re-Injection Compression"

     -- Compressor Tech Two


"Optimize Ammonia Production"

     -- Hydrocarbon Processing


"Urea-Based NOx Reduction System For Diesel, Spark-Ignited Engines"

     -- Diesel Progress


"New Scrubber Technology:  Multiphase Power And Processing Technologies Offers Alternative To Traditional Methods Of Separating Liquids From Gas In Pipelines"

     -- Compressor Tech Two


"Remote Monitoring, Anywhere In The World"

     -- Turbomachinery International


"First Chemical Texas Finds New Aniline Plant Start-up A Painless Process"

     -- Compressor Tech Two


"First VECTRA Power Turbines Sold To Transco"

     -- Scandinavian Oil - Gas Magazine


"New Valves Increase Run Time, Reliability For Tosco Refinery"

     -- Diesel & Gas Turbines Worldwide


"A Leaner, Greener Power Turbine"

     -- Mechanical Engineering


"Improvements In Processes And Technology In Ammonia And Methanol Syn-Gas Facilities"

     -- Hydrocarbon Asia


"Design Considerations For Syn-Gas Drive Steam Turbines"

     -- Nitrogen & Methanol Magazine



Our mission is to provide superior marketing communications services to our clients, in a spirit of partnership, to enhance their competitive position in their markets worldwide.



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