Phase Two Production Introduction
Trade Advertisement

In an industry where advertising almost always shows the heavy equipment, a little counter-programming can go a long way.  This follow-up trade advertisement created by Keene Communications brought the company positioning line to life in magazines such as Hydrocarbon Processing, Compressor Tech, and Turbomachinery International.  The ad also was featured in Business Marketing magazine.  

We have produced advertising for various companies, in several languages, for publications worldwide.


Print Ads That Focus Attention On The Product Benefits
Even black & white advertisements can get attention.  This ad, directed to the gas field market, puts the major product differential right up front.  In addition to developing the trade advertisement, the agency originated the  product name, conducted the name search, designed the logo and produced the associated literature.

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Our mission is to provide superior marketing communications services to our clients, in a spirit of partnership, to enhance their competitive position in their markets worldwide.



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